Are engagement pictures necessary?

Are engagement pictures necessary?

Are engagement pictures necessary?


Hello and welcome to my engagement shoot related blog post. One of the questions that I get asked by my clients/couples on a regular basis is:

“Are engagement pictures important?”

I’d say yes because an engagement shoot is a perfect introduction of what to expect from a photographer during your wedding which will be one of the most important days of your life. Also this is a great opportunity to get familiar with your wedding photographer, an important guest who is capable of delivering natural, beautiful imagery retelling your story in a unique and special way. Someone you must be comfortable with. And someone you have to trust blindly!

Knowing and liking your wedding photographer is of paramount importance and hugely contributes to the success of your big day. Also, it should help you focus on the real reason you’re having a wedding, each other.

One of the main reasons to book an engagement photography photoshoot is to reassure you that you are in safe hands. I always like to meet the couples beforehand so we can get to know each other. Think of it as laying the foundation stage of the important trust that is required between a couple and their wedding photographer.



What is the point of engagement pictures?


This is your special time. Remember, that many people feel uncomfortable and anxious in front of the camera. Unfortunately, this is usually visible in the photographs which as a result are far from being natural. Engagement session will help eliminate this. It might be your chance to practice and get comfortable in front of the camera. Remember that your photographer will be there to help you feel at ease while capturing your priceless, intimate moments. Seeing edited photos from session before your wedding will also serve as a reassurance that you’ve made a right choice.

Personally, I tend to spend a while with my clients so they both feel 100% natural and relaxed before we commence the session. Location might help to ease the tension. Therefore, you should choose the location that is important to you. Generally, my clients find that being outside tends to result in a much more relaxed experience. Most importantly, natural light is a powerful feature in itself and a vital ingredient in creating beautiful, timeless pictures. Clearly win-win combination!

Also it is worth remembering that engagement session actually is a celebration of you two. Your quality time together. Your chance to take step back, indulge in yourselves and shine. And I always feel privileged if I can share it with you. Overall, this shoot is much more relaxed experience for you than wedding itself and the resulting imagery will have a completely different feel to your wedding day photos. Ideally they should reflect your personality and show your feelings towards each other. Sadly, these photoshoots, which can be classified as a professional couple photoshoot, are very often overlooked but definitely worth doing.