Beautiful Wedding Photography Products


We can’t ignore the fact that we live in digital times and this is why I have chosen to provide you with your carefully selected and hand edited images in both screen and print resolution quality. The full collection will be given to you in a beautiful USB presentation box. USB box is offered as a part of 3 Wedding Collections.

Final presentation – fine art albums


I do believe that printed images are still the best way to enjoy your photographs. At the end of the day, photos are made to be seen.  Touching prints and enjoying wall art allows you emotionally connect with the memory every time you see it.  Turning photographs into a piece of art allows you to reawaken memories and transports you instantly to times gone by.

It is exactly the same principle that applies to music and the way the finished piece is presented. It isn’t surprising that many people prefer LP records over digital formats –  they allow people an easier connection to the meaning behind the music.  I could not stand bare walls at home and as a result we have photographs dotted everywhere. They act as a bold statement of who we are and who we were.  Try to think of a printed image as a bounding compound. And as a trigger for all those precious moments and memories captured and frozen in time. Moments that would be otherwise lost forever.

I’d say also that “Beautiful photography deserves beautiful products”, hence for wedding albums being part of my wedding Golden Collection, I narrowed my selection to sensational Young Book album by GraphiStudio and Bellissimo Fine Art album by Loxley. 

Folio boxes with mounted prints


I am delighted to offer luxury Folio boxes with mounted prints – a treasure box if you like. I can guarantee you will love it once you see them because they offer the perfect way to present and interact with your photographs, providing you with an on hand collection of your favourite pictures. A Folio box is also an ideal product for a gift that could be given to relatives. Or just to be cherished as a keepsake.


Wall Art


A variety of different options are available if you would prefer to have your images displayed on the walls at home. To name a few we can offer traditional and contemporary framing, birch panels, gallery prints, fine art wraps and canvases, whatever suits your taste or budget.