Engagement Couple Photoshoot


Pre-wedding couple photoshoot


A pre-wedding couple photoshoot is a perfect introduction of what to expect from me as a wedding photographer. No doubt, your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. Therefore it is advisable to get to know a photographer. Also this kind of photography session could be a perfect gift for your loved one, your partner. It is becoming popular and lots of couples are booking a session to preserve their memories.


Locations for your engagement photo session


A location engagement photography shoot is similar in principle to a  professional couple photoshoot. Planning your engagement photo shoot is very important. Location is everything when it comes to making sure your engagement photographs are as personal and unique as they can be. A pictures to cherish and celebrate your love. Try to think about favourite spot. It might be a spot you often visit together. Or think of any special places that you might consider to be your photo shoot location of choice.

As a photographer, I enjoy working outdoors. Therefore, I will collaborate with you to choose the perfect location important to you. Clients find that being outside with an engagement photographer tends to result in a more relaxed experience.  Most importantly natural light is a powerful feature in itself, vital ingredient in creating beautiful, timeless engagement pictures. 

Once we arrive, I will spend a while with you so you both feel 100% natural and relaxed before we commence the photo shoot session. Usually, a photo shoot session takes about 2 hours. There will be a mixture of directed shots and, as you become relaxed, more candid moments. From experience, this is when the true magic happens.

Scroll down to explore results of photo shoot sessions in the Engagement photoshoot gallery at the bottom of the page.

After engagement photoshoot – an art of creating beautiful images

What happens after your engagement photoshoot session?  I will work hard to provide you with a set of beautiful photographs in digital format. As soon as the post production stage is finished, you will receive an access to online gallery. A gallery will contain collection of screen resolution quality images from the photo session for you to download. You will also have an option to download 5 engagement photos from photo session in print screen resolution. These are usually pictures from the photo session that you’ll love and your friends will be jealous of.

You are more than welcome to find out more about my engagement photography shoot pricing here. If you were ever thinking: “How much does it cost to get engagement pictures taken?”, this link will provide you with necessary information.

Please visit the products section to learn about how to display prints of photos or frames of your stand out shots from the session.

To find out why are engagement pictures necessary visit my blog. To find out what to wear for engagement photos outdoors please read this blog post. Consultation covering this subject is part of the booking.

Scroll down to see Engagement Photoshoot gallery containing examples of professional couple photoshoot  portraits. You can click images to see them larger. Have fun and please, contact me if you have any questions or to book an appointment.

Engagement Couple Photoshoot Gallery


Photos of real love

A fine selection of pictures from couples photo sessions is presented below. Click on photos to see them bigger. If you like my style and are looking to create something unique, get in touch and have your romance and the story of two of you captured by my camera. You truly deserve to have beauty of you relationship presented in special way. Remember, we humans do change with time but photos don’t. Hence this is something extraordinary. A thing to consider. Thanks.