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How to choose a wedding photographer


Choosing wedding photographer

Choosing wedding photographer to capture those special moments is a big decision and one of the many decisions that have to be made when planning your wedding day. Photographers, above all,  have the huge responsibility of providing you with tangible memories to enjoy for a lifetime.

Of course, you want to get it right when deciding on your wedding photographer. Simply speaking, it is going to be one more guest on your wedding guest list. An important guest who is capable of delivering natural, beautiful imagery retelling your story uniquely. Someone, you must be comfortable with. And someone you have to trust blindly!

Therefore to reassure you that you are in safe hands I would like to meet you beforehand. So we can get to know each other. Pre-wedding consultations, in short, are a vital part of the whole booking process. It also allows us to discuss your requirements and enables me to fully understand your expectations and the general style and theme of the wedding. Think of it as laying the foundation stage of the important trust that is required between a couple and their wedding photographer.


Engagement shoot session


How to truly get familiar with me and the way that I work? You have the option to book an Engagement Shoot session. As a result, you could see my approach to beautiful wedding photography in practice. Consequently, the session would serve as a perfect introduction to what to expect from me during the big day.

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