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Family portrait photographer – My approach


Hello and welcome. I am a Bedford family photographer covering Bedfordshire and beyond. I offer timeless and beautiful photography to capture the natural moments of your family life. For me, family photography and location photography come hand in hand when it comes to my approach towards creating family portraits. The same principle that applies to my approach to portrait photography.

My family photography photo shoot usually happens outside, ideally in local parks, woods, adventure playgrounds or other favourite family spots. Children then get occupied during the family portraits session, and resulting images are natural, relaxed and simply fun family photography.

One more thing to add is that I love the incredible selection of beautiful backgrounds on offer while shooting outdoors. This variety is not available in a studio environment and results in creative and beautiful photographs. Being outside also tends to be a much more relaxed experience for children and photographer. Therefore family sessions tend to be great fun. Most importantly natural light is a powerful feature in itself and a vital ingredient in the creation of beautiful, timeless images. Photographs that will document your life and provide you with lifetime memories.


Family photo shoot – it is all about capturing precious moments and family story


Family photography is all about telling unique stories of your family. Family photo shooting should always be fun, especially when children are involved. It is their joy, laughter and natural, honest behaviour that family photographers need to capture. Children change every day. Everyone change, time does not hold back. But with the help of family photographer, a great family photos can capture all those moments forever. Children portrait, a snapshot which was taken at some point in time and preserved forever, is priceless.

Every family photography session is different. But there is a one common thing binding it together. It is all about moments. Full stop! Precious and quality moments captured on photos that your children will thank you for in the future. Pictures that will speak a thousand words. Memories. One day, your children will be able to look back at a family portrait and smile. And this what family photographer does, transports you back in time. By creating images of your family, your loved ones, that can and will be treasured in years to come.

Please explore my site to see what I can do for you and your family. Click here to visit my children and family portrait photo shoot portfolio.


Family photoshoot at home


When it comes to baby photography, an obvious place to commence photoshoot would be your home. An obvious choice to shoot images of babies as it is their cosy, natural environment where they feel safe.


Family photography – what to wear for family sessions?


Finally, we need to cover one more important area – what to wear to a location family photoshoot!.  It is important to understand that some colours work better combined together than others. This is a kind of information you should always get from your family photographer before the session. But fear not, there is a simple and tested way of determining perfect colour combination. Please visit my post referring to this subject, which should guide you and help you make your styling decisions before the photoshoot session. Other blog posts might give you some valuable tips as well, especially a post explaining what is the best time time to shoot outdoors.

Family photoshoot – pricing


My pricing model is the same as for standard portrait photography. It is based on my time and consists of an hourly shoot rate and an hourly post-production rate (in 1 to 2 ratio). A family photography session should take about 2 hours of your time. Bear in mind, that this indicated time can slightly differ due to the unpredictable nature of kids, especially babies. 

After the shoot, I will work hard to provide you with a set of beautiful photographs in digital format. You will get access to an online gallery with a selection of images from the family photo shoot session. 


Family portrait photography – professional products


I recommend visiting the portrait products section of the site. Certainly, you may wish to frame or order fine art prints of some of the stand out shots from the session. Designing and ordering fine art albums from your family photo shoot sessions is also possible and highly recommended. As is the framing of the stand out portraits from the session. Perfect gift for your family and relatives, and chance to get this beloved family portraits on display at home. Or for parents to have children photography hung up on the walls at home. Touch of luxury to cherished every time you walk by or look through an album full of family photos.