About Tomasz Klimkowski 

My name is Tomasz Klimkowski and I am Bedfordshire wedding photographer, owner of Tomasz Klimkowski Photography, living in Bedford. A person with a passion for chasing and capturing important moments through the lenses of my camera. In essence, I shoot lifestyle photography, no matter whether it’s wedding photography or location portrait photography.

I originally come from Poland and have been living in the United Kingdom since 2003. Currently, I live in a beautiful county Bedfordshire, where my family have been living for over 15 years. I love its proximity to some of the Home Counties and the magnificent London.

When my wife and I arrived back then the plan was to stay for about a year and travel across the UK and Ireland. 16 years later we are still here. As a result, we can honestly say that this country has become our new home and the place to raise our family. To share a little bit about myself; I have a degree in Electronics and have worked in manufacturing for one of the most iconic brands in the world. But it is photography, amongst a few other things, that truly makes me happy.

“We invest in different things throughout our lives. Sadly in the rush of every day, we forget about one important thing – that we need to invest in memories…” – me

My camera has been my companion since the age of 15 but to be honest it was the arrival of my firstborn son in 2009 that triggered my passion for shooting portraits. Kids grow so quickly and you simply don’t want to miss anything. Once the moment is gone sadly it’s gone forever… A desire to become a professional photographer was getting stronger. My love for this fine discipline flourished from then on and it only grows stronger day by day and especially since my daughter was born in 2018.


Start of photography business – Tomasz Klimkowski Photography


Putting my hobby aside one day I asked myself a question: Can I turn my passion into a business? Can I run a successful wedding photography business and become one of the wedding photographers? Seeds were sown in December 2013 when I read an interview in “NPhoto” magazine with Kate Hopewell-Smith who was a Nikon ambassador at the time. After seeing more of Kate’s work I fell in love with her style and work ethic and soon found out that she and her partner Brent run the photography training school Training by Lumiere. In 2018 I finally decided to take the plunge and experience one of their workshops. This only confirmed that my gut feelings regarding KHS were spot on. A few months later I joined highly regarded amongst professionals and very intensive Foundation Program run by Kate and Brent to upskill my technical ability and to learn everything about business and marketing in the world of photography. In short I would not be here without Training by Lumiere