“We invest in different things throughout our lives. Sadly in the rush of every day, we forget about one important thing – that we need to invest in memories…” – Tomasz Klimkowski
“We invest in different things throughout our lives. Sadly in the rush of every day, we forget about one important thing – that we need to invest in memories…” – Tomasz Klimkowski
“It’s all about people and showing their true character, their unique beauty and emotion through photographic images”.
“We invest in different things throughout our lives. Sadly in the rush of every day, we forget about one important thing – that we need to invest in memories…” – Tomasz Klimkowski

  Wedding Photographer in Bedfordshire

  Bedfordshire wedding photographer– passionate about creating timeless images

Hello and welcome to my website, a place where you can get familiar with a photography service I can offer. My little haven away from worries and trivialities of everyday’s routine. But before you start exploring, please let me introduce myself. My name is Tomasz Klimkowski and I am a Bedford photographer. A person with a passion for chasing and capturing important moments through the lenses of my camera. In essence, I shoot lifestyle photography, no matter whether it’s wedding photography or location portrait photography. Due to my approach, quite often I am referenced as a natural wedding photographer. A term, which is quite relevant to my photography style due to its documentary approach. Let’s call it documentary wedding photography from now on. To find out a little bit about the way I work please visit this page.

Currently, I live in a beautiful county Bedfordshire, where my family have been living for over 15 years. I love its proximity to some of the Home Counties and cities like London or Milton Keynes. Godsent for a photographer with a vast number of magnificent places and wedding venues. Wrest Park, Moggerhanger Park, Ampthill Park or Woburn Park with its Woburn Sculpture Gallery, are just 4 of them literally on my doorsteps.

It can be difficult to describe the type of photography I specialise in but if I had to attach a label to my style I’d say ‘Lifestyle’. “Why?” – you may ask. I’d say:

“Because for me it’s all about people and showing their true character, their unique beauty and emotion through photographic images”.

And nothing can touch special day when it comes to recording the joy of two souls getting married. Once in a lifetime occasion, weddings. Reasons to love them are endless; witnessing the touch of newlyweds when they exchange vows during the ceremony, the way a bride and groom look at each other or happiness of bridesmaids are just a few things I am going to mention. Documenting the carefully prepared story and all its little details falling gracefully in place after months of preparations is like finding a final piece of the wedding jigsaw. Photography experience that you can’t compare to anything else. These moments are priceless, they are everything and us, photographers are blessed to be part of this story and it is our job to record them and produce pictures clients will cherish and love. Brides, grooms, relatives, friends, guests actually everyone taking part deserve to have those beautiful images preserving such a milestone life event. And I will go above and beyond to deliver these shots if I get granted access to document your big day. And all its glorious moments from bride and groom preparations up until first dance and beyond.

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do” – Andy Warhol


This quote is just brilliant in its simplicity and tells why you need to pick up a camera to picture your world and the essence of life.

Generally speaking, it does not matter to me whether the main subject is children, family, couples, engagement shoot or milestone events like a wedding day. The important thing is always the same and it is the people. Above all my goal as a photographer is to show your character and a whole range of emotions which I aim to embed into photos. Photos, that will be cherished for years. Reference point images to transport you back in time to relive those special moments once again. We invest in different things throughout our lives. Sadly in the rush of every day, we forget about one important thing – that we need to invest in memories… And to be honest, this is one of the main reasons I decided to take up the photography wedding business. And deliver in style as that’s what is expected from good wedding photographers.

Wedding photography service – my approach to a wedding day


This paragraph serves as an introduction to the way I work during the day. In essence, as a wedding photographer I will work quietly during your wedding day. Idea behind it is to not disrupt you and your guests during such a special time and not to spoil a delicate atmosphere of the wedding day . Therefore I will blend seamlessly into the background, capturing the special day and all its special moments as they unfold in front of my eyes. My job is to become a storyteller of your big day. This is what best wedding photographers do. And this is, above anything else,  necessary to create beautiful photographs. Wedding photos captured in a natural and documentary style. Spirit of the wedding day, your story delivered as photographic reportage of the event.

To read more about my approach during your special day please click this link.

What do I actually mean by storytelling? Let’s have a look at what the clever people say about it:

“Storytelling – the art of telling stories.” – Cambridge Dictionary

This should always be what this kind of photography is striving to deliver and show. So you can relive your big day, again and again…⁠
And if it’s done creatively, you will end up having not only a set of beautiful pictures but a piece of art.⁠

Fine art portraits – a focal point of the day


Portraits are by far my favourite discipline. As a person covering your big day, I will always ask to spend some time with newlyweds during the wedding to create stand out portraits of 2 of you. These wedding photographs will be a central point of a wedding album. Highlight of your wedding day. I will always ask for spend some time alone with me in order to create timeless and intimate portraits of two of you. Think about them as a more thought through fine art shots. As it is very important to capture the beginning of the new chapter in your lives. And this is that I will try to achieve by taking and making them. All in creative and artistic manner. This will be your special time, a moment of the day dedicated purely and only to two of you. Time to create beautiful wedding photographs. Wedding images that will let you relive this special day every time you open your wedding album.  

So now, I hope that you can clearly see that it is not all about acting like a documentary wedding photographer in pursuit of fine candid images. Fine art element of delivering wedding images is of great importance also. Wedding story would not be complete without those photographs.

To check availability, simply contact me to arrange a chat about your wedding. Examples of wedding day images can be seen here. To find a wedding package that might suit your requirements go to the wedding pricing part of the site. I offer three wedding packages to choose from.

To find some examples of lifestyle portraits please visit my Portraits Gallery. More examples of lifestyle photographs can be found in the Engagement Shoot Gallery part, just scroll to the bottom of the page to find it.

You are also welcome to read through my blog posts, containing number of great and invaluable advices, or search through Weddings FAQs providing coverage for most asked questions.. 


an example of bedfordshire wedding photography, image of wedding ceremony with bride and groom standing in front of the registrar
photo of a bride getting treatment from make-up professional artist before wedding ceremony

Bedfordshire, UK and beyond

Based in the beautiful town of Bedford, the heart of the beautiful county, I am happy to shoot weddings all across the UK. And beyond, destination is never out of question. Travelling to your chosen place is not an issue. Please refer to to a page dedicated to my pricing to find out more details. And last but not least, I would love to shoot a wedding in Italy someday… Nothing wrong with dreaming and reaching for the sky.

My style - Weddings and Portrait Shoot

Natural and authentic storytelling. Storytelling should always be at the heart of wedding photography so you can relive your big day, again and again… And if it’s done creatively, you will end up having not only a set of beautiful imagery but a piece of art.

Dedicated, honest, passionate and reassuring. This is the set of values to best describe my wedding photography services.

Professional and relaxed coverage of a day

From bride prep, the ceremony and the speeches, right to the last dance to ensure that we got all the shots to capture and cover all important moments from your day. A day to remember, a day to take away and keep close to your heart. Forever.

Check our pricing page to find out more about my wedding packages. They have been created based on my experience of what many couples want from their wedding day. 

Weddings and beyond

Please feel free to explore my site and visit the Portrait, Weddings and Engagement gallery sections to see samples of my work. I hope you will enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it. And if you like what you’ve seen please contact me. If you are getting married and looking for photographers in Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire or anywhere in the UK, look no further and use the contact form to get in touch. I am also more than happy to work overseas. Thanks again for your interest and for stopping by to read through my site.


About me – Bedford professional photographer 

If I said that I always dreamed to become a professional wedding photographer, it would be just another cliche. It is actually the very moment when I finally realised that great photographs are all about showing little stories and moments. Telling human beings unique stories and conveying their personalities in a timeless manner. Stories of a big day, weddings as a spotlight of your time. From there on, the chase to fulfil the dream was on. And this is where it brought me to.

Please head to About me part of the site to read my story in detail. You can also find out there why I decided to start my own business. If you are getting married I would love to hear your story. And become your big day photographer so we can create your story together.


a black and white photo of a couple during pre-wedding shoot outdoor session
a black and white photo taken during an engagement shoot

Engagement shoot


Are these sessions really necessary? And actually, what is it? Basically, an engagement shoot serves as a perfect introduction of what to expect from me as a wedding photographer during your day. Not to mention it would give you both a chance to combat camera-shyness and practice some poses in front of the camera. This is simply matter of fact that some feel rather uncomfortable in front of the camera. Unfortunately, this is usually visible in the pictures which are then far from being natural. Engagement session will help eliminate this. Please remember, that your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. Therefore you need to get everything and everyone in your team right, from a wedding planner, wedding suppliers to photographers. 

Pre-wedding shoot, if you opt to have it, takes place on location. An engagement shoot is similar in principle to a couple photoshoot. Overall, this is a much more relaxed experience for you than you big  itself and the resulting images will have a completely different feel to your wedding images. You need to remember also that this will be your time to have a fun and to shine, whole session will be concentrated on just two of you, without any distractions, stressful commitments and expectations.

A great idea is to use engagement images for all sorts of wedding stationery, guest books, invitation Save the Date cards or signing boards. It’s  a very nice thing for the couple to do it by themselves to mark their engagement and to announce to the world about what is coming. 

To find out more about my approach towards engagement photography and to see a selection of images from previous shots check this link.

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